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The one's we love remain with us, for love itself lives on.
And cherished memories do not fade, because a loved one's gone!
The ones we love can never be, more than a thought apart.
And as long as there is memory, they'll live on in the heart.

Are you a McCarry???
Are you looking for McCarry's??
Then you have come to the right place!

Did you know that there are some famous McCarry's?
Charles McCarry the author.
Dr. Brian McCarry the reknowned Chemist.
James McCarry the Irish Politician (Sinn Fein Party (North Antrim))

And I am sure many more!
So how come there is a lack of genealocial info on the McCarry's??

Maybe you are famous in your own right! Tell us!
But famous or not, let's face it only a select few percentage of the 
population worldwide can claim to share our name ... so that alone 
makes us unique!

So lets start to compile some info and who knows maybe some of us 
will make a connection ... funnier yet ... maybe we are all related!!
So "Sign my guest book" and share your info here.


In the mean time here is my info:

Looking for any information on McCarry surname.
And any specific info on:
My great grandfather Daniel Francis McCarry...he was called Dan.
born Feb. 4, 1876, in Cork City, Co. Cork, Ireland. 
He became a Naturalized Citizen of the US 8/13/1913 at the age of 36.

**NEW INFO**Aug 31, 2008
(So I am assuming that he emigrated to the US some time around or
before 1906 - 1908 as I believe the Naturalization process is 
5-7 years.)
**I have found Dan's manifest - Emigrated July 8 - 16, 1900 on the S.S. Servia from the Port of Queenstown to the Port of New York.
The original manifest is in error but has been anodated with a correction. I have contacted the Ellis Island Foundation and they have made a correction note on the record.
The entry name was Originally listed as Daniel McCarry but then someone went over the big "C" and made it a "G" so it looks and is entered as Daniel McGarry.

He was a Registered Nurse at Manhattan State Hospital on Wards Island
and went on to become a doctor and continued to work as a 
physician at the same hospital on Wards Island, NY.

He married Ellen Strafford on 12/8/1912 
at St Francis Xaxier R.C. Church, Bronx, NY
by Fr. Thomas S. Harlin, SJ
and their witnesses were
Jeremiah Cream and Jane Hart(e) ( I have no info on these people)

They had 3 children:
John Francis: 1915
James Finnbar: 1916 
Helen: 1919  
Daniel died on May 31, 1939 at age 62, and is buried in St Raymond's
Cemetary, Bronx, NY.

**Aug 31, 2008
I have also found Daniel's brother Michael Vincent McCarry's manifest.
He was born April 21, 1884.
He arrived April 1907 on the S.S. Umbria - Queenstown to NY his U.S. sponsor is listed as his brother Dan McCarry @ Manhattan State Hospital, Wards Island.
He married Mary T. Harte
They had 8 children.

And that's all I have at this time.
I have added below some extra info below about Dan McCarry's wife, children & grandchild.

 Ellen Stratford...born in Dromina, Charleville, Co. Cork, Ireland
had 3 children: 
James, born in NY, lived most of life in Calif, Retired US Navy
Helen, died as a child in auto accident
John F. McCarry, born in NY, retired NYC Fire Dept.(Hook & Ladder Co. 122, Brooklyn, NY)
married: Elizabeth Hainsworth of CT
had one child: John F McCarry, Jr. 
               married Anne Farrell of Brooklyn NY
any info on these specifics or on the surname in general would be 
greatly appreciated and I would be happy to share any info that I 
have and will respond to all inquires. Thanks!

**Update 4/7/00

 James McCarry married Mary Raphael
 last known address was in Oronville, Calif.
 they did for a time move to Ireland in the 80's as
 Mary transfered there for a time with her job.
 I am not sure if there were any children, if there was, it was
 probably 1 daughter, but she may have been the child of Mary
 from a previous marriage. Maybe, maybe not.

**Update 7/25/00**

"Daniel McCarry's Siblings" or "We're Not Alone"

 There are several cousins that I know had to of been the children
 of brothers of Daniel. And of course, I would like to find out who
 they are!
 So here is what I have:
 Vincent, Felix, Jane, Mary, Bernadette, Muriel & Eileen McCarry.
 Now as per my own father, John McCarry Jr,:
 Vincent and Felix were brothers both resided on Sterling (Pl.?),
 Brooklyn in the 30's -40's.
 Vincent married Odette.
 From 1991 - 1994 they resided in Tuscon, AZ.
 Last known address, 1994 was Reno, NV.
 Felix McCarry: The only info I have is that I remember that Felix
 died in Decemeber (around the 12th), 1963. Not sure where.
**UPDATE 03/08/05
unknown McCarry father and mother
 This McCarry was a Police Officer, possibly a Capt. in Cork
 His wife was a shopkeeper.
Siblings - 11 children, 8 boys & 3 girls
Daniel F McCarry
Michael V McCarry
James McCarry died as an infant.
Susan McCarry
Jane McCarry 
1 unknown female McCarry sister
5 unknown male Mccarry brothers

Of these children Daniel & Michael emmigrated to New York, USA
Other brothers may have also.
The McCarry's were shop keepers and the 3 daughters stayed in Cork 
to run the shops.
One or more brothers emmigrated to Africa.
One brother to Austrailia.

Michael V McCarry married: Mary Harte in 1909
They had 7 children
Vincent married: Odette
     They had 3 children: Peter, Maryann & Jane 
Felix married: Helen Kistler
     They had 1 child: Michael V 
Muriel married: John Clark
     They had no children
Jane, Mary, Bernadette & Eileen McCarry.
  These 4 sisters never married.

 Jane and Mary. 
 Jane: dob 7/11/1911 - 05/??/80
 Mary: dob 11/26/1916 - dod 9/18/95
 Jane and Mary were sisters. I know that in the 70's - 80's they
 lived together in Babylon, NY.
 Sometime in the 90's, they moved to Northport, NY. At this time 
 Eileen McCarry. another sister was also listed in the phone book.
 They must have moved or been placed in a nursing home in Commack, NY
 in the mid 90's before they both passed away as Social Security
 lists their last benefits as going to Commack, NY. 
 I have tried throughout the years to try to make contact with these
 two ladies to no avail. Maybe they were liery, who knows maybe there
 was a falling out between the families. That is a mystery to be
 To Be Continued........

**UPDATE 03/08/05
A surprise email arrived from Michael McCarry and to my surprise he
is a cousin and the grandson of the brother that I knew in my heart
that my Great Grandfather had to have. 
His Grandfather Michael V McCarry is that brother. 
He was kind enough to tie up some my lose ends of the above named
relatives and who is related to who. I will be happily very busy
with all the updates I have just received, knowing that this will
make it easier to trace back a little further.
I have emailed Mike and hopefully will be able to share more info very soon.
To Be Continued.....

 And So Dear Cousins,
 As always if you can help, have any kind of a lead, 
 please share. I am always willing to share what I have ...
 even if we are not related.
 I now have a scanner and hope to soon get a page up with pictures!
 Maybe that will jar a few minds with fresh ideas.
 And remember if you are doing your own research ... interview those
 older members of your families to find out info, 
 Cause when they are gone, they are gone and so are the stories
 and the details of their lives. So start taking it all down.
 As always,
 Ellen McCarry Hopps

**UPDATES 03/08/05
Rita McCarry: My Dad thinks Rita married a McCron and may have
 lived in New Jersey. 
 She would have been in touch with the Strafford/McLaughlin clan
 in Limerick City, Co. Cork or Dromina, Charleville, Co. Cork.
****Actually Rita is Rita Finn Macron & her sister Kitty Finn Brennan
are the daughters of Peter & Moira O'Donnell Finn
Moira & her sister Maureen O'Donnell McLaughlin are the daughters of 
John & Hannah Strafford O'Donnell

A Work in Progress

  Last Update: 08/31/2008

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