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The Hopps - McCarry Family News


To our NEW family news page!

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Family News!!

 Fred & I have just returned just returned from sunny and warm
 southern Florida where we surprised Dad for his 70th Birthday.
 He was so stunned that I can assure you all that shock will never
 cause his heart any problems!! Thank God!

 We had a nice Birthday Paty for him at Longhorns and on the next 
 day we all went to the Panther vs St Louis Blues Hockey game,
 thanks to Kevin! We had the most amazing seats up in the club house!
 We had a great time and even though they lost, we complied when
 asked "Make Some Noise"

 Happy Birthday Dad!!!
 And thank you everyone for all your help and for keeping it all a 


 Congrats are in order for Nancy & Bonnie-Jean who have both
 graduated from their colleges (Nan- SUNY - F'dle & BJ- Suffolk CC)
 with their Associate Degrees both with Honors! Nan Magna Cum Laude!

 They have both resumed college this semester at SUNY - Westbury,
 both pursuing Accounting Degrees!
 Finally someone else can do my taxes!! LOL!



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